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Rig #1- The AgentSmith Quasi-RipOff

Uses (from left to right):

-2" duty belt
-2 x 10 pouch for 10 round tubes by Whiskey Two-Four, lashed together using paracord to form a "stacked pouch"
-RAP4 Molle Holster for one Warsensor Zeus or Dart Engineering DRV
-Opsgear Dump Pouch
-RAP4 Elastic 10 round tube holder (holds 5, attached with zipties laced through holes punched in the belt because RAP advertises these as MOLLE and they are not)
-RAP4 Molle Holster for one Warsensor Zeus or Dart Engineering DRV
-Condor Shotgun Shell Pouch for CO2 Cartridges

Total Capacity: 250 rounds (310 if I stuff 3 tubes in each front holster pocket)

Pros: High ammo capacity, minimum profile for a dual rig, most of the ammo is on the offhand side easily within reach

Cons: RAP holsters need to be replaced with something better, preferably with a thumb break retention, not a fan of the velcro strap. Somewhat heavy, 12g's are useless in the winter (the shotgun shell pouch comes off and a small HPA tank holder gets placed between the right side holster and the dump pouch).

Additional comments: Lots of ideas from a bunch of different folks here, particularly AgentSmith and WickedKlownz. The lefthand holster is crossdraw, mainly intended as a backup for the primary Zeus, rather than dual-wielding. Ammo is biased to the non-shooting hand for ease of access, I don't have to reach across my body or look down to find a fresh tube. Empties get tossed right into the dump pouch and out of the way. The top loading mods with Smiley's spring guide rods make loading ridiculously fast, and his captured CO2 plugs are probably the greatest mod for the Zeus ever. Easy to turn, easy to release, no grinding sensation when tightening like with the stock plug, and no way to LOSE your plug (which I did, several times, with the stock ones). The only drawback is the holsters are sort of bleh, I need to find something better.

Rig #2- The "It's Practically Not a Pistol Anymore" Rig


-2" Duty Belt
-3 x Condor M4 Triple Mag "Shingle" Pouches
-APP 30-round TacPods
-Opsgear Tank Pouch w/ 68/4500 tank (looking for a smaller, lighter one)
-Remote Line
-BT SA17 with APP 50 round hopper, modded for air-thru grip, BT/Empire mock suppressor (modded to actually work), Trigger drilled for setscrew to remove pre-travel slack, Pachmayr American Legends grips.

Total Capacity: 270 rounds

Pros: High ammo capacity both on-rig and on-gun, fast draw of TacPods, fast reload of hopper, light and low drag (will be even better with a smaller tank), doesn't rely on 12g's.

Cons: Hopper adds bulk to the gun and blocks some view over the top, prevents pistol from being holstered which is why no holster is used, somewhat hard to reach the rearmost tacpods. Also relies on gravity feed so some shooting angles are limited.

Additional Comments: This is what happens when KEE craps the bed and recalls the SA17 for a non-issue, the solution to which is neutering the leverchanger to the point where it's not even worth trying to run 12 grams in this thing. Which is a shame, because it has the best 12ie efficiency of any semi auto pistol I've shot. The springfeed of the SA17 is also iffy at best, so until I have time to adapt the Zeus top-loading mod to that, the hopper seemed like the way to go. I originally thought this up for a TTPL rig but didn't have time to complete it before the tournament in October. Haven't gotten to use it yet so don't have much in the way of on-field input. Yes, the suppressor works. I think someone at KEE designed it to be easily adapted on purpose (Simon?). Drill some holes, add some packing and you're in business. Quite literally the only sound out of this gun when firing is the hammer slamming back and forth. Which leave it louder than most electros but for sure the quietest blowback I've used.
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