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Originally Posted by patuka View Post
Just curious Gman1,

Can you fire regular paint on the rifled barrel?
Zenmic has answered this question in detail (and others) over on the TA forum so I will post what he said to answer your question:

Originally Posted by zenmic View Post
Regular paintballs through this barrel is a bad idea. They are very likely to just break in the barrel, or if they do fly out the will be all over the place. The rifled bore is NOT the same as a rifled (spiral) porting.

It took LAPCO more than a year of research and testing for this barrel. I have no idea how many boxes and boxes of First Strike Rounds they went through and the piles and piles of failed barrels before the prototype I got to play with in August of 2010 and then more testing and refinements to get to the finished product today.

FYI: The new rifled barrel not only spins the First Strike rounds; it spins the First Strike round in the right direction. As explained by LAPCO's research they discovered that in a smooth-bore barrel, First Strike rounds either do not spin until the leave the barrel and the fins can catch air, or as the round exits the barrel, it is spinning in the wrong direction. If the round is spinning the wrong direction when it exits the barrel then when the fins catch air, it will have to stop the round spinning in mid-flight and spin it in the right direction. All of this is happening at fraction of a second while the round is flying from the gun to its intended target.
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