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Loading from the APP 50rd pod is a pain, however loading from the pursuitpod's pistolpod:

Is a snap:

YouTube - TPX Mag Load.wmv
(just a 30second vid)

They fit in the same space as a regular pod diameter wise. You can get them in 10rd mag length, 8rd mag length or 7rd mag length depending on what you're packing. My 7rd ones are the exact same size as an APP50 pod and hold 49 balls in 7 chambers.

I store them in any pouch that holds 2 AR mags, by cutting out the divider.


The zeus rig(02 til the T8 came out)

Though I switched to a hip holster for the P68SC:

When the T8 came out I bought 2. After serious study I decided it was unsuitable as a primary and went back to the original zeus rig, kept the second T8 as a sidearm to replace the P68SC sometimes:

The Elite shoulder holster was nice for small, fast summer games but ironically too hot for small, fast summer games.

I switched to a nicer holster for the T8:

and randomly used lots of different pistols as sidearms all through the years. I would simply play with whichever pistol I chose at any given moment, so they all saw alot of use:

First TPX rig with UTG holsters and Emdom pouches. I found by storing my mags in the pouches when not playing they weren't so tight, but returning a mag to them behind my back without looking one handed is not a fun trick to learn...

I'm currently testing a new style rig made out of leather. There was no existing design for me to use for magazines that weighed so little, so I had to create from scratch. It's coming along nicely, here's an earlier pic:

Just what you see gives you 2 pistols, 12 mags and 12 co2s. The extra co2s come in handy because my pants carry an additional 12 mags:

There are matching loops for 6 more mags on back. This is my full day scenario rig, though I generally will reload it alot. I average a bag of paint a day at Hell Survivors Big games.
EDIT: Admit it, if you were wearing this rig, you'd shoot a bag of paint a day too!
For open play 15min games, I leave the loops empty and use them to dump partial or empty mags into.

All my older pictures were lost. Not just PB ones either, but such is life...

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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