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Having witnessed TrueBlue and the Armorsquad Pistol Brigade in action I can say they truly know their stuff!
It's always an honor to play alongside them and a nightmare to play against them.

That's definitely the rig of someone who's paid their dues.
That's my personal recommendation to someone starting to put together a rig to try out pistol play. First think about how you want to carry. Chest rig, modified back harness, hip belt, thigh rig?
These things can help decide your choice of pistol. If you're someone who carries two pods in his cargo pockets because harness drives you insane, don't get a mag fed gun. If you're someone who normally wears the 10pod superharness on a 2 mile run, any choice that fits your other needs will do.

My game is in the dirt. I never crawl when I should run, but I'm doing things that require all the agility I have and sometimes then some. Folks constantly notice how packed with dirt my gear gets. My teammates always laugh at the fact that any time they see me at a big game, I'm going in an entirely different direction than everybody else even though we end up together at the flag. I have my 'thing' I do. It's not what other people do. Calling it 'agent' style is just too smarmy. Noone else may be doing it because it's crazy...
Being in the dirt all the time in a wooded field automatically deletes chest rigs, back harnesses, thigh rigs and puts everything on my belt because I'm 6'2", 240lbs already.
I shed those other rigs like a rattlesnake sheds his skin, in tatters.
Not to mention the difficulties of using them when hanging upside down...

The T8 cannot be effectively fought by me from the belt. It's way, way too heavy as a system(meaning pistol+mags). Same with the 3357s for different reasons, in that case the oddball shape and bulk of the cylinders and the weight of the pistols themselves caused me to compromise with a shoulder harness for the cylinder dispenser, plus those surplus holders for the clips(not mags) of the Mosin nagant. These pouches hold 3357 cylinders perfectly:

So I would say think over how you like to play, what size games you're in and what type of harness you prefer BEFORE you get a pistol.
Because a great pistol in a horrible holster is no better than an eagle68.

This is the promise of the TPX to me, a versatile, lightweight system that can be carried just about any old way with success. I'm looking forward to this year more than any since I started playing.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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