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Originally Posted by capitalpaintball View Post
I have a Mokal Aura and the board is nothing like the Mini/axe, Except in the fact that the main board is in foregrip and the Eye board is above the frame.
The battery is in the grip along with the reg. it has an on/off asa.
the main board is fully programmable from the outside.
Besides having no hose, which seems to be a current trend with a lot of company's(Dlx,Bob long,SP), the Aura is not trying to copy the mini/Axe in any way.
also the Aura has been in development long before the Axe.
Hey capital would you be willing to do a quick video or review of your Aura? It would help to dispel much of the misinformation thats been floating around. Plus I'm just real curious...
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