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Originally Posted by Delta 047 View Post
i really dont buy into the hype. its a re-vamped mini. and after the problems ive had out of the mini's ive owned, NEVER AGAIN. one thing, for those that dont know, the asa is NOT user serviceable. you have to send it to Kee so they can use their "special tool' to get in and fix it, costing you are the butt. either that or buy a new asa, which either option is gonna run you well above 50 clams. also its really fun when you notice your trigger didnt return, and the magnet has come out of it and its stuck to the grip frame magnet.
The AXE ASA is totally user serviceable.

The magnet system on the set screw has changed from the early mini's and is now captured much more effectively to eliminate that problem.

The trigger in the Axe now activates a micro switch rather than a HES so it eliminates the top magnet altogether. If you don't want the magnet return system simply replace the lower set screw with a normal one and run with the ultra light microswitch return (probably too light) or put a small spring over the new set screw.
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