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FloryPB new year new ideas and the same ole goods

Flory PB is expanding its product line for the new year. The new stuff will start coming out slowly. The main concept of my products is going to be compatibility and making things interchangeable, while still producing unique individual pieces.

Featured Special Item. I will be making non production parts and maybe guns throughout the year and will post new ones at the top of the thread. The idea behind these is to reward customer loyalty because there will be a discounted price for returning customers on these parts.

FloryPB is going black for fall. Just got back a run of polished black parts that I sent up to rainman to get anodized. he did a great job on the color I have never seen a deeper black anodizing then this. You know how some black looks purple this is not that black.

4 black valves, still pick your ports. I have two flush valves and two bobbed valves

1 bobbed valve left!

Price $35 shipped
Price for returning customer $30 shipped

Three cram and jams were done in this run, 2 cci crammers and 1 ccm crammer. (From left to right Angled Front CCi Crammer, CCM Crammer, Classic Front CCI crammer)

Price CCM Cram and Jam $50 Shipped
Price returning customer $45 Shipped SOLD!!!!!

Price CCI cram and Jam $45 Shipped
Price returning customer $40 Shipped

Only Angled Front crammer left!


A 12 round feedtube done with a classic nose and two long slots with other cosmetic milling.

Price $60 Shipped SOLD!!
Price returning customer $55 Shipped Sold!!

I know many have been asking about anodized parts, get your polished black parts now when you can I dont have plans setup to have another set of things anodized anytime soon.

This is under construction still
TopGun GSP (Garden State Pump)

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