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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
Whats with these expensive games? $40 + $10 field and air + Paint.
I don't think they're an issue if we do it every quarter or so. Hell, as long as this is going I still haven't seen many of the regulars at a "meet".

Originally Posted by ASKA View Post
Forreal. Lets just meet up somewhere and play.

Yeah Oscar, how about that? I haven't seen you at a meet yet. What gives?

Originally Posted by Doubledutch View Post
Delivered to MA or FL? Do we get the pick them up from the shop in Sanford? I got a GB E-Micro coming.
To Tracy tomorrow, then should be to us within a few days. Nobody from PTP has answered any of my emails or posts on AO about the local pickup or question about my order. I guess I'm not a squeaky enough wheel.

Originally Posted by M3r(uRy View Post
i am not calling any games meets anymore really, you guys put too much into them and attendance or are too picky... im just posting up games we are playing...
Told ya man.
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