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project "why not" update

well, many many months ago I had made a board for my BKO for fun and a class project. I used a parallax basic stamp. It was a bit too large to get into the grip. If anyone is interested I can still dig out the old code for it, it had many modes and switching between them was done by turning it off then holding the trigger in while you turned it back on. each power up would cycle to the next mode and it would go back to the first mode if you didn't hold the trigger while you turned it on.

then many more months later I decided to go with a closed bolt pump BKO

and just the other day I gave up waiting for my local Parker distributer to find a manifold for my old skinner solenoid (and I didn't want to pay $26 from ASP, I don't think hes a bad guy I just thought that was a bit pricey and with what I have been through with Parker I would charge that much too) so I made my own. Now I just gotta sit down and make a new board for controlling the two solenoids and make a housing for it.

The pump just pushes a small push button that is on the small plate behind the pump handle.

any black or green marks are just reference points for myself during the work. Kind of slops it up a bit but I really don't care about the looks of this beast in the end... after all, I bolted a big piece of plastic on the side...

the bolt is one of edwins tribal bolts that has been sanded down and drilled for the pin to go in the side.

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