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OK, after finally getting an HPA tank, I've managed to tinker a bit. With the grip frame off, I can see through the slot on the underside of the lower receiver and watch what happens as I cycle the gun. As we probably already knew, the carrier and bolt are only latching together some of the time. So, which of the following is the most likely next step?

- Adjust the ram-carrier linkage to lengthen it a bit?
- Do something with the LPR?
- Measure the valve spring to confirm whether it's shot or not?

I think visually inspecting the hammer and carrier, the edges look sharp enough that I think they're not failing to latch because of being worn and rounded off. So I think the carrier isn't going back far enough reliably.

If in fact it's the LPR, that's not a rebuildable piece, is it? At that point, do I need to look for something like the Sledgehammer someone mentioned?

Thanks for helping me on this fool's errand.

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