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1 tanks(Both CO2 and Air)-Can't play if you air/co2 is gone
2.markers(big plus if it works on either power source)-Can't play if your marker won't shoot
3.gravity hoppers( pocket and/or full sized)-If someones hopper breaks or batteries run out throw one of these bad boys on and go. Has saved me on more than one occasion.
4. Extra paint- Durp.
5. masks- If someone has a very foggy mask or lense gets cracked.
6. tank o-rings- seen alot of these shredded off, always good to have some on hand
7. squeege/swab-breaks/chops suck, especially if you can't hit anything the rest of the day
8. microfiber cloth-clean masks makes for happy players
9. paper towels/hand towels- have come in handy before
10. Water- stay hydrated

Thats what I bring to my outlaw field.
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Auto-Trigger. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every mother****er in the room, accept no substitutes.
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That was worded better while you were hungover than most internet posts are while their writers are dead sober & pain free.

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