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Some of this is pretty no duh.... I bring a 50 gallon tub of gear when I go to play at a regular field... and that's just for me when I am bringing gear for others it's usually two tubs. I would say that what do you bring other then PB gear.

I like the comment about water, I bring 1 gallon minimum.

Extra socks/shoes nothing makes a day worse then stepping in a puddle at 8am and stalking in wet boots all day

First Aid Kit Cannot stress that enough!

A Good Sponge For cleaning masks.

Orange Cones Marking off Google on or off zone and a sink hole or such

Tarp A nice cheapy from Ollies Bargain outlet, great for making shade by the cars (where their are usually less bugs) also doubles for a great make shift work area if you need to take something apart.

Ribbon Easiest and cheapest way to mark teams, buy it in bulk after christmas (funny the best colors for paintball always last the longest) I like this more then armbands because you never seem to have enough and if you lose a ribbon you don't feel so bad.

Now I really need to get off the forum and get stuff done for the CSE next week
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