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My 10-round port is also pushed forward along the barrle about an inch and a half maybe. While this makes reloading tubes easier it really is a bother with a raised lip like on something very similar, maybe the same, at emr. Wanna say meph or someone at scp had one.

Well known problem with palmers, they mix well just one sorta way. It applies to a lot of other guns too.

Also keeping track of those things would be a hassle. Being able to pocket used tubes is wicked useful, if that doesn't work you can drop it and maybe get it back.

400 rounds is worn the same way as any other butt pack, easier in my opinion than pods. This is with nothing on the upper legs. If I had my tank right my gear would be completely behind me, its mobile and more slim than your thinking.

Having to keep track of empties would kill me.

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