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As far as I know it's the same as my P68SC, your stroker was either a PMI-1 or a P68SC to start with...
I liked the pod so much with it that I would draw that before I would the tube hanging next to it on my belt. In fact I carried the 8rd pod especially for the Sheridan, I tubed my zeus pistol exclusively because the countersink on my feedports is exactly fit to the outer diameter of the tube and a perfect distance from the crosscut closest to the muzzle.
When running I grabbed a tube like you would hold a golfclub with my fingers up to the end, put my index finger in the crosscut slot and pivoted the the tube into the countersink, by pressing tight it was held snugly. I could reload at a dead run and usually did. In hardcore(meaning going against hordes of F/A guns)play with a pistol I only stay in bunker while there are balls in my gun. If I need to reload I generally move whenever possible.
From scratch in 30 feet I can reload a zeus. In 25 feet a TPX Co2. In 15 feet change mags. Then I'm out in the open and supposedly an easy target. One of the difficulties in pistol play after you master accuracy is timing(I'm sure 10shot is familiar with this but it bears repeating).
A paintball shot is 4 dimensional. The ball not only has to go through the space WHERE the player is, it has to be right WHEN he is there too. Is he going to come out now, stay out? With a regular marker you can simply fire a long enough string to intersect a bunch of these points in spacetime, if you will, to assure getting him. With a pistol you must do a more precise job of predicting where the guy at 100' will exactly be, 1/3 of a second later when your ball gets there. People run around 15-20 feet a second, so you have to lead a running person 6 feet at 100'.
So if you can maneuver the situation so you're out in the open(and you can hit what you shoot at) and a bunkered person is coming out on you, they are giving you a 3/4 second predictable curve. I've shot alot of people in the face this way. As my friend AgentJones once said after I had a lucky run, 'like a great white in a pack of reef sharks, snap, snap, snap'. When it works. Other times you take 3 or 30, fortunately it washes out. Having two semi pistols is mandatory for this option for me, though I'm sure a more athletic person could hack with one.
In long years of practice I've gotten pretty good at this. It's how I was able to play assassin on my friend Deacon at HS. A group of us were talking about 'agent' training. He said he was willing to play target, so it was decided that I was 'hunting him today'. I eliminated him all 6 games of that session. I was able to move around the field until I found him then set him up. Teams were 50 on a side in the morning to 15-20 by 1pm. People have to be able to predict where you're going to be when THEIR ball gets there. If you move in a way that can't be accurately predicted you don't get hit as often. Most people don't do these sniper type calculations of distance and lead to set up baselines to train, they apply it by instinct. Because their instincts are trained to people running with both hands full, at a reasonable distance they will miss pistol players quite often. Not running at a predictable speed is important too. If you walk without rythm, you won't attract the worm.

I hold the pistolpod for the sheri with my finger curled around the edge were the pouring slot is and use my finger as a funnel. The balls roll out of the pod, into the curl of my index finger and into the magazine tube. I will take a vid, the next time I lay hands on a sheridan!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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