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Originally Posted by Captain Paintball View Post
I just got one, with a RT/Lvl10, and I was wondering if anyone can explain a problem I have with the "recharge" after every shot. I have fixed it to the point where it fires a true semi-auto rate of fire, but it still seems slow, and I can not get it into that "sweet spot" when the same internals were in the ULE.

Also, the feednecks don't seem to hold any of my loaders. anyone else have that problem?
You could start by replacing the o rings in the on/off.
It sounds like its either the on/off or the level 10 bolt needs some adjustment.
Heres the level 10 page:

Automags Online - Resources: The Level 10

You can get the RT rebuild kits at for a smidgen cheaper
than from AGD.

Maybe call tech support with an exact description of what its doing,
and what it was doing, and what you did to it (or email them).

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