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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
However anyone who says that the T8 is a better primary than a TPX is incorrect. It's not true based on objective facts.
Saying it more vehemently or with a longer post does not make something a fact, nor are facts determined based on your preference to use something that suits your playing style best. You should be sure to point out the extensive amount of mods to the guns and your gear that you required to get your TPXs to be "best", so if the OP is not looking or able to spend time re-manufacturing his marker, fabricating ancillary tools and stitching up custom harnesses, he's aware that you did.

OP: Use the search button. This thread comes up about every 2 weeks and you should have no trouble finding a plethora of threads from the last two years on the very same topic. Also look for threads with T8 problems and TPX problems to give you an idea of how much troubleshooting is associated with each.

My opinion is T8 unless you care about cost/weight. I owned a pre-order TPX for about 3 days and quickly traded it, for several reasons.
  • As mentioned it felt like a toy with the all-polymer (aka plastic) clamshells.
  • I hated the ergonomics as the molded-in finger grooves were not in the right position for me to grip the gun intuitively.
  • The CO2 system sucks IMO.
  • The 8 round mags don't work as intended, evidenced by Tippmann redesigning them with reduced capacity.
I will explain my CO2 comment, since it's one of the virtues AS was extolling so heavily. The problem is two-fold. First, it's not easy to change a 12 gram that is not fully expended. You test your gun and find you're (hypothetically) getting a number of usable shots that is not divisible by 8 (or 7 with the new mags), it would make sense that you're going to either be changing your 12 gram mid-magazine, or just "wasting" the last few shots in order to ensure you have fresh CO2 and a fresh magazine at a time when it's convenient to change both. As the gas well is pressurized, it's really hard to get that knob off while it's pressurized because it's small and under pressure. AS has a special tool he MacGyver'ed up to allow him to do that easily and expediently, which he neglected to mention.

Second, on the note of convenience - there's a lull in the action, and you've got a couple seconds to refresh your gun. You swap mags, dump your old 12 gram, and put a new one in. How do you know you have a good 12 gram? You have to remember to fire the gun to pierce the cartridge, and if it doesn't pierce? There goes another few seconds to remove the dud and replace it (hoping you don't get 2 in a row). If you're buying field or WalMart 12ies and not spending the premium for Lelands, this can be an issue. With the T8, you're pre-testing your CO2 in the staging area, and you know that there is gas in the mag. Change mags, you're good. I will concede that it may take (marginally) longer to dump paint out of an 8 round tube into a T8 mag than it does to swap a 12 gram in a TPX..but paint isn't a potential dud. Finally, if you didn't remember to pre-pierce when you changed your cart, you've lined up that perfect shot and squeeze the trigger...only to get no bang, because you just pierced your cartridge instead of firing a ball.
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