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Why Don't More Players Use T Stocks?

So I played a few games at the local field last weekend, had a pretty good time. Rocked out with my Phantom open class, trying to work on getting my paint consumption down. I didn't have to refill my 3.5 oz, which I was happy about.

Anyway, on the field I noticed two things:

1. Pump awareness is spreading. Whereas a couple years ago I got strange looks and questions from the non-pump crowd, I was pleasantly surprised to be getting remarks such as, "Nice Phantom!" from some of the electro kiddies. Sweet.

2. Those milsim stocks that people put on their guns are obtrusive as hell, and yet almost every Tippmann/BT/etc user had one.

So my question is, why don't players outside of the pump community use T or L stocks?

People buy CAR stocks and other similar rubbish in the thousands, and for what? Sure, it gives you a more stable firing platform, but all that stability is wasted due to the fact that you can't even see over the top of your gun! I see players attempting to compensate for this, buying offset and heightened rails, and it saddens me a little bit, because I did the exact same thing (more on this in a minute). Essentially they've created a problem by putting the stock on the gun, and are now trying to alleviate it by spending more money?!

This is the stock I use on my Phantom and Pro/Carbine

(I should note that the way they have the stock pictured is not how I run it. I flipped the butt plate so that the longer end angles upwards, I think it's much more comfortable that way)

It's simple, lightweight, and it works. It allows me to have a stable firing platform, and still get an unobstructed view over the top of my marker.

The question remains, however: why does it seem that only pump players use them?

I didn't even know that undermount stocks existed, until I saw one on a Phantom, long before I ever bought one. I, like so many others, has spent money on an obstructive hard plastic stock on 98c, and then an M16 style carry handle/rail, so I could get a decent sight picture and still use the stock. I felt so stupid for spending all that money when I found out that for half the price I could get better functionality out of the T-stock.

Now if you use a regular stock because you're into milsim, you like the aesthetics of it, or it is just what works for you, I cannot judge. I can only go off my own experience.

However, I do feel that many players simply buy them out of ignorance, and don't realize until they're on the field with a mask that they can't aim. I think that woodsball companies capitalize a bit on this ignorance, as evidenced by all the aftermarket offset and raised rails that are sold for this very reason. Hell, Special Ops even came out with the Dogleg stock, an ugly abortion of a stock meant to alleviate the issues associated with a traditional stock. And when they came out with it, they and many players acted as if the wheel had been reinvented...despite the fact that T stocks have been around since the dawn of paintball.

It just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser...

(Sorry if this came off a bit incoherent; it's been a long day and these pain meds they've got me on are making me a bit loopy)

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