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There are 4 Woodland Camo S6's (pic in my avatar). I own one, Mar has another, and I am not sure where the other 2 are. I think these were the first S6's produced w/o any engraving. They were sold exclusively in their ebay store.

There were then 5 Brown Brindle S6's made also sold in the ebay store, they were engraved w/ the normal logos. Not sure where these ended up, haven't come across any threads w/ pics of them. All the camo S6's were gorgeous, I had to restrain myself when the Brindle was released as I just picked up the Woodland a couple weeks prior.

I think they also did a couple of each of these anno's on the T2's, I am not sure how many but it was not very many.

There was 4 of the T6.5, I almost had the yellow/black one but gave up bidding, I wish I had just kept bidding on it, I regret losing out on it even though it is yelleh.

Not sure on the exact numbers but there were some Orange/silver "Creamsicle" SS-25's and Blue/Sliver "Icicle" SS-25's also. Pretty sure numbers were well below 10 for each.

I hope to add something from CCM that is very rare in the future, I am hopeing to get lucky and get a prototype gun. I will forever regret not continuing to bid on that T6.5. =(
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