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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
Maybe. His feedback is actually pretty good. I tried to find a negative but was unable. Those neutrals say something was refunded. No red flags.

And its normal to have multiple accounts. I have 3. One for selling, one for buying, and one for personal use. My wife has one as well.

That said, did he refund those auctions because he didn't like the low price? Well, thats against Ebay rules. Its possible, but I see lots of other auctions that ended for $.99 and those had no problems.

Perhaps he was cleaning out old inventory. When he got near the end he realized he was out of items he thought he had? That happens all the time.

Meh? Then again, we have all heard bad things about WWA, so its hard to give the benefit of a doubt.
Yeah, he's been listing under the scrodmaster name again for almost 3 weeks now. People that have issue with him mostly all ordered directly through his website.

I've had no issues ordering anything from WWA through ebay.
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