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my two cents on a plan for losing some weight.

I've stumbled upon the fitness section and since I haven't posted in a while, I figured I'd throw in my two cents.

First off: The first week on a diet is the hardest, if you can make it a whole week, you'll breeze through the rest.

I created a weight loss plan and started doing it December 22nd. I'm 6'0" and, at the time, weighed 197lbs. Thankfully I've never seen 200 on the scale... As of March 1st I weighed in at 176, which I've held steady.

I've only changed two things in my lifestyle. First is booze and second is food.

1) Booze

December 22nd was the last day I had an alcoholic beverage...I've read like 15 different books for man dieting and fitness and each and every one of them calls for absolutely no alcohol. I can see two reasons: 1) It slows your metabolism by a huge percentage which makes it hard to burn calories fast enough. 2) It's a mental thing. If you're drinking, chances are, you're drinking a lot, not just one...and probably snacking on junk food. So while it might have a poor effect on your metabolism if you're eating right, it's definitely going to have an effect if you're snacking and drinking a lot.

Now obviously that sucks, but if you want results in short order, kick the booze entirely...not forever, just while you get on the new regiment. Say 8 weeks because that's what's worked for me. Introduce it back very slowly.

I know how magical drinking is, and I know how hard that advice is to take, but that's just how it is, sorry.

2) Food

Portions are out of control, and eating is very much an addiction. How do we kick addictions...for me...cold turkey with strong willpower.

But obviously you can't cold turkey stop eating all together. So this is what I did.

I'm really lazy and would rather drive to a restaurant and wait for someone to make food for me than make it when I read all the diets that introduce tons of different and diverse meals over the course of 9 weeks, I was like...forget that. I can't make all this stuff. This is dumb.

I know you are like me in this department. Dieting sucks enough without having to work hard to make do what I did...keep it extremely simple.

Eat this every day for two months. Once you have down a good routine with your new portion intake, introduce different things (along the same ideas as below) as you please.

Breakfast 8am:
Sandwich: Turkey, Egg, and Swiss (half slice) on a wheat English Muffin.
Green Tea (green tea is excellent. It still has caffeine but hardly any sugar or junk that impedes on your metabolic rate)

Snack 10am:
Orange or Apple-depending on what I'm doing. Apples are easier to eat but I prefer oranges.

Lunch 1pm:
Sandwich: Turkey, Swiss, mustard on wheat bread

Snack 2 4pm:
Cashews (lightly salted) or Peanuts (no salt)
Green Tea

Dinner 7pm:
Sandwich: Tuna, Swiss, mayo on wheat bread
Corn or Peas

Drink water throughout the day.

If you look at any charts of meat, Turkey and Tuna are extremely lean and packed with protein. You still need fat so bring on the cheese and milk and nuts and mayo, but keep the meat extremely lean.

****1 Dinner per week should be a treat. I do pizza Friday night, but skip the beer and have a soda...the sugar isn't great for you but it's not as bad as the effects of alcohol on your metabolism.

If you slip at a snack or for a lunch, the day is not lost. Get back on track immediately with the next snack or meal. If you say the day is lost, THEN the day is lost. Don't let this happen, its a quick downward spiral.

It's boring, it's plain, but you know's easy and it covers everything, look you just got 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 3-4 dairy, 3-4 proteins, and 5-6 grain.

And that's what we all really need, easy and effective.

I hope this helps. It's working for me as I write this.

**note--you will be hungry on week one. But realize, you're hungry because your stomach is stretched beyond it's limits. Suffer for one week and you won't be able to eat like you do now. After week 4 I challenge you to try eating what you did before you started this diet, you'll feel sick long before you can finish a footlong sub or a pizza.

If you read all the way through it, drop a line. Let me know if you have suggestions for me or if plan to try it...I'm curious to see your results and I'd be happy to discuss.
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