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When running an outlaw field, you will still have injury liability that you are responsible for when/if someone gets hurt on your field. A waiver is not necessarily legally binding in all states, so even if you have visitors to your field sign one, if they get injured, you may still be liable. As Thumper stated "Be very careful about who you invite". As far as money... if money exchanges hands, I can guarantee that you will have to have the IRS involved in some way. Best bet for running a private/outlaw field... let everyone bring what they need... Don't sell anything to them, even if it's at cost. Check out the local "bartering" laws in your area. Sometimes you can trade for goods/services, and perhaps you can get away with trading a day of paintball on your facility in exchange for CO2/Compressed air, or a player may be able to trade marker repair for a bag of paint, etc. Either way, I'd look into it before someone lets the taxman know.
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