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Originally Posted by joedirt199 View Post
i have a raw works body that has a straight backblock like the S6 and J2L. i haven't seen any other ones like that. most have the p-block. anyone else see one. i could post up a pick if need be. it has the W on one side and has a wire detent.
thats a Works cocker. I don't know the exact story or the relationship between CCM and Works was.
i have come across a lot of them that have difference in the milling. Some P-blocks, some not. Some were minis other full body. Also the milling on the lower tube is different, some more oval than other, and the number of lower tube milling differs too. some have the W milled into the side some don't.
Works cocker for example:
full body, with the "W" and what i call the oval milling on the lower tube

almost the same as above, but minied and only three ovals milled

This one has more of a slot milling on the lower tube and has 4 slots. full body, p-block

another with the slot milling on the lower tube but only has 3 slots milled and is still a full body. also has a ball detent.

full bodied, wire detent, 4 oval milling, and a flat back block.

Here's a mini'ed, p-block, with 3 slot milling, and this one has a ball detent

It seems that the "W" is milled onto the bodies that have the Oval milling on the lower tube.
I don't know much about Works Cocker, I just noticed the differences that i come across when they end up for sale. Its really just my OCD going off teh charts. I have a full bodied, p-block, wire detent, that has 4 slots milled onto the lower tube. Its was drilled for eyes at one point, and i bought it as a body with internals, everything minus the frontblock w/ pnues and the frame. i will try and get a pic up soon.
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