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T2 vs S6.5 vs S6

On the quest for my CCM gun...I've just got a few questions.

I've heard the T2 pump stroke is smoother than the S6/s6.5. True or false?

Which is lightest? I'm guessing the T2 but I'm unsure.

Is the s6 just a fancy sniper? I like the t2 because it's not just a halfblock or not just a sniper. It's very nice because there isn't anything like it in my opinion.

Why would you buy an S6.5 over a T2, and why would you buy an s6 over either is what I'm asking.

I want the smoothest, lightest gun possible but I'm also pretty hefty in that I have huge hands and thats a concern with the T2 in that it might just be too small.

Thanks, Josh.
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