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AS, your rig is actually what has inspired me. I'm working on a modular system for either short side in or long side in. I need to figure out mounting options, considered either a leather backing/or kydex with loops.

Thanks for all the feedback so far!

Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
I have an Idea for you snowzone!

Mag pouches like my leather ones:

Could be made out of kydex to look like this:

Much better yet, individual cups like that could be made with a simple belt loop on the back. A person could stack as many of these side by side on his belt as he was fat enough to handle(I carry 10 in my mag slide and it's 12" long exactly). A design with a top and bottom loop could be malice clipped onto molle, as with the belt ones, multiple cups could be added as desired to each molle panel.

I know some folks who would buy them off you!
Because the mags are so light, I've found no real stress is put on my gear and they stay very tight when I run. Stacking them side by side gives you the smallest footprint for a group of mags.

It's your idea if you like it!

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