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Originally Posted by sunfisher89
I'm refinishing a stock at the moment and would like to know a few things.
What is the finest grit I should sand down to before it's ready for oil?
What oils are out there to finish a stock with (don't want to stain)?
How do you repair divots/holes drilled into the stock?
How do you repair cracks?

For the last question, the stock has a crack at the front running with the grain that is pretty long but does't appear to be very deap. I want to, I guess, glue it together?

Thanks for all your help,

I usually progress grits all the way to about 1000 then finish up with 0000 steel wool.

For oils you can use either tungoil or Boiled linseed. Linseed oil will add darker shades the more you use. I usually will put about 10-15 coats on until I acheive the shade I want. I put a coat on wait about ten minutes then wipe it off.

There are many ways to repair holes. One way is to use a filler putty. You would want to match the color up as best you can. Fill the hole allow the putty to dry then sand. Ive also seen people use an actual wooden plug and glue that into place attempting to match the grains.

I've repaired a few cracks in my day. I have a hypodermic needle that I fill with wood glue. I'll inject the glue into the crack then clamp it together to allow the glue to dry. If you dont have access to a needle you can put the glue on the surface sort of pressing it into the crack. Then clamp it and wipe the excess off with a wet towel.


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