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Originally Posted by fort_apache View Post
I live in Missouri. Here, those old log homes, even in that condition often fetch several thousand dollars. An acquaintance of mine has a business where he buys these homes, dismantles them, and reassembles and repairs them. He makes an excellent living.

I don't know about the market where you're at. But if I had that on my property I'd find a buyer. They'd remove the cabin, clean it up, and I'd take the money and frame up a small house to play paintball in. Or a couple of houses.

Oh reeeeaaly? Well in that case, I think I would let the house go. I'll have to do some digging around here and see what kinda market these is. Thanks for that man.

Sorry but no pictures again guys. It was just a clean up/ burning day today. I hope I dont loose your guys intrest.

Thanks all.

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