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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
I was playing a game of 'one ball' (where we take off the hoppers) and I shot a guy who had pulled the pin on a grenade. I hit him in the grenade - it went off - and eliminated quite a few people around him.

Not what you were looking for - but it was about 4 in 1.

I've done something similar after I got dragged into a kid's birthday party game. There were a half dozen kids in speed ball gear hiding behind one bunker and not advancing. I fired a pot shot their way, pegged one with a bounce on the top of his head.

Later they all head off toward the side line yelling at each other. Apparently they had ALL taken out paint grenades, and had been fighting over how you actually used them, and then the one I bounced the ball off of got startled and accidentally shot the bunker and scared someone else. It went downhill from there.

I really think The Whiteboard got it right about paint grenades in paintball. Their best use is to hand out to the opponents before the game starts.
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