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Shocker Parts and CP on/off ASA FS

Parting a shocker. If you dont see it here, I dont have it. Simple.
Terms: Paypal Preferred shipping to CONFIRMED address only
Shipping: To be discussed (Im not eating shipping on a $5 part)
Loballs: Go away
PM me, you came here. If you want it, dont be lazy.
Trades: Monies, XXL Jerseys, CLEAR Profiler Lense Youll be shipping first, not negotiable.
Options: I can polish any of these parts for a fee Except the UL Barrel Im pretty sure thats been powder coated

Body with inserts, can and all good threads (can polish for a fee)

Frame (can polish for a fee)

Triggers (one is NDZ)
$7 ea

Vert ASA (NDZ?)and 700psi gauge

Board (tested, works)

Upper/Noid (tested works, I will replace power button before shipping)

Regs (can polish for a fee)
$20 ea

Feednecks (can polish for a fee)
$8 each


UL Red back SFT Thread Make Offer
SS Back SFT Thread SOLD
Black front (makes barrel 13.75" overall) SOLD

CP on/off ASA and drop
SE Michigan

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