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50 rnd pod How To

This project can also double as a BIG BOY NADE CARRIER. See the pictures below.

I decided instead of buying from a company I would make one and share the pattern with everyone on the FREE NET.

I'm going to get exactly what I want. This is only a guide, you modify as you see fit. This is your starting point as well as mine. All items can be purchased at local fabric stores for very cheap. Not sure about the 1000D Cordura. Might have to buy it on line.

Now for those who will jump in and say I spent more to make this then one would cost. Sure I probably did or didnot. What I paid for the fabric is way less then what you will pay for say 4 of these pouches. I'll be able to make these when I want and have all the supplies I need on hand. So I'm coming out better in the long run.

So sit back and read along. Hopefully this will help a few out. If you make a few million of this idea, don't forget old Blackrain

The Fabric:
So I dig into my tactical fabric and parts bag and this is what I find next to the ACU 1000D Cordura. 4 yards of 1000D Olive Drab Cordura from my favorite tactical store DIY Tactical, Tactical Gear Making Supplies

The pattern:
Don't ask where it came from, let's just say it is an improvement over the originol. Look at the pictures for exact measurements. They are written on for everyone to see. So lets lay it out and pin it in place. Note how flat in color this side is. This is the outside fabric.

Lets cut it out:

All cut and ready for more additions:
So here it is, looks like one big Green "T". Note how this side is shiny. This is the water proofing. this is the inside of the pouch.

More supplies:
Nothing is easy. There is always more stuff that you need. We need some 1 inch webbing, snap kit, wooden mallet, and bias for the trim. We had black in our sewing fabric, so we will put it to use.

1" webbing:
This is our 1" MOLLE weaving strips. You will need:
3ea 3-1/2" 1" strips
2ea 5-1/2" 1" strips
I'm using Ranger Green, but who cares, no one will see it. Plus why spend cash for stuff I have laying around.

Time to put it together:
Lets put on the snaps. I'm not giving measure ments on this part. Pictures tell a thousand words. Plus you need to figure stuff out youselves. If someone is going to steal this for an internet book, they'll have to make one and figure out the measurements. Poking the holes in fabric and setting the snaps.

Place the hitting tool under fabric as per directions and hit the snaps as per directions.

Should look like this when finished:

Now fold over the fabric to about 9-3/4 inches:

Pin in place and start setting the MOLLE straps:

First do the snaps:
Do it the same way you did the first set.

Now time for the MOLLE set up:
Once again no measurements, little brain work here.

Then pin in place:

Lets start sewing. Note how the lower strap is sewn down the middle. From there we continued to top strap and then sewed it and the MOLLE straps. Top strap you sew all around. Lower strap only thru the middle.

Now lay the MOLLE straps under the lower straps and sew down the sides. Leave enough room so that the straps can pass in and out.

Time to sew the darts:
While doing this we used what was called a stay stich. It's just a temp stich so you can make sure everything fits, if not it basically just rips apart. Upon a fit up we noticed that we were going to have to hem around. This would give us a tighter fit. The hem will be up to you. I like my stuff to fit tight. Use pictures as reference.

Now lets complete it with the darts:
Everything is sewn from inside. So shiny part is inside dull side is out side.

Should look like this when darts are sewn, like a reverse cup.

Sewing down the edges:
Go all around the edges to seal them up. Not much is needed, cause they will be covered with bias tape later.

Bias tape:
This isn't Mil Spec stuff. Just from a local craft store. this will clean up the edges and give a cleaner apperance. Note where the BIAS starts and stops.

Pull Tab:
This will be used to pull up the cover. Just a quick release.

Time for velcro:
Note prior to final sewing of velcro, I pinned the sides and did a mock up to make sure everything lined up per my spec.

I used 2" velcro.

Note that the cup is still not sewn. Sew the velcro on first.

Pin down the sides of the cup.
You will sew these down from the out side. Everything is now dull cloth. Pin the edges as such and sew them down. This is where the mock up comes into play, you will know exactly where to pin and sew down.

So it's finished:
I had fun doing this. You can see from the pictures how high the pod sits up. THis was the reason for the top hem. You should be able to grab it.

On the vest:
This vest does not have MOLLE straps up to the shoulders. I'm waiting on some coyote brown webbing. When it arrives, we will add more webbing to make this fit alot better.

It also doubles as a BIG BOY NADE carrier.


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