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Haha I had the exact opposite day of you Lechooch, I had a big private group with my friends today, I brought my reduck to play and it was shooting insanely accurate despite using the cheap Velocity paint. I think this is the most eliminations I've gotten in awhile, granted most of my friends are renters, but we had 3 experienced pump players and an electro too. Either that or playing with the pump groups is making me better. Freak inserts (or any insert system) are freaking amazing. No rollouts! The next step is to lighten my hammer to eliminate some hammer bounce I've noticed.

I'm trying to get my friends to come out to the pump day next month, and I'm really digging pistol play now. Also, I'm going to be heading to Alpine this coming weekend or possibly next weekend if anyone wants to go? I'll be bringing 1 or 2 pump players with me as well
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