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Originally Posted by keen View Post
remember what it took to burn those 175 calories next time you look at a 700 calorie burger.
No kidding! This first month has been slow going, but everything I tell myself to rationalize it feels like an excuse. Sure, school is stressful, but I should relieve that stress by taking a walk or some other physical activity. Yes, work wears me out and I often feel like sawing off my feet after a shift, but I can still do some situps or something. And yes, I am a poor college student and my family wouldn't know how to buy healthy if their lives depended on it (and frankly their lives DO depend on it, as well as mine), but there are ALWAYS healthy alternatives.

Blarg. I still have a few weeks to make some progress and I intend to do just that!
Originally Posted by DoC19K View Post
This is a no pants kind of party so you should be good.
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