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Originally Posted by Luckless View Post
You seem to be missing a bit of structure to the roof. Just how wide is the span? I would have expected lower ties running from the bottom of the rafters across to the other side. This keeps the roof from pancaking due to snow load when the bottom wants to pop outward.

Also would have expected collar ties near the top, 1/3 to 1/4 the way down from the peak.

Before you get back on the roof, secure all the rafters from moving side to side, ideally with a ridge pole and a few points of strapping. Just something to keep things straight and in place while you put a roof on it. Trust me, a half finished roof collapsing below you is Not a fun experience. And it doesn't look like like you're as 'fortunate' as I was to have a pile of old bedding straw/manure to break your fall.

Looks like your field is taking shape nicely.

How are the gaps on those log bunkers? I've found that using three stakes for the joining corner works well, as you can then cut every other log off flush, and butt it against the next, rather than overlapping them. Overlapping often leaves large gaps that make 'bunkers' offer little better protection than a decently dense shrub.

OK, so the rafters are held in with dowels pined in to the up most wall beem, thay are still very secure. The peeks are also held together with dowels. As for side to side movement, I left acouple batten boards up there to help with that. However, I dont plan on going back up on the roof anyway, there really isn't left to do.

Now, the log bunkers ( I call them "fences" ), I've made sure that thay aren't so "holy". Each log was cut and fitted for a tight fit. I'll have to try out what you suggested thou, sounds like thats would use less logs.

Anywho, no work done today or tomorrow. Too rainy and cold.


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