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Originally Posted by PAINTBALL GUY 3 View Post
.. So what do you/did you guys do when
you first started out? ..
great question sir.

your biggest challenge isn't building the field, it is building a fun group.

(SC ROADKILL) Way back when we started with a team that played events together .. and then outlaw ball became an good option for practices where we wanted some privacy and freedom to run practice how we saw fit. the fields where we played were secondary considerations to developing the team.
These outlaw fields faded out as this team lost interest and as I grew tired of trying to gather he same old guys to play.

(PPL) A decade later a new batch of ballers I know put together a league of scenario teams to scrimmage periodically. Outlaw fields worked well for this league to avoid having to deal w/ all the novices, costs and constraints of commercial fields. The idea died off as a a few of the teams involved fell apart.

Organizing people to play is a pain. Once the pain begins to out weight the rewards the tenancy is to quit organizing. One suggestion is to consider how to make the "organizing" easy on you. IMO email broadcasts and facebook groups are probably the easiest. picking up the phone and calling everyone isn't bad for a few times - but will eventually wear down the organizer.

possible suggestions:
  • create a facebook group for your group.
  • schedule to gather on a regular basis. (first saturday, every other sunday, etc)
  • take a few pics and share these in the facebook gallery.
  • when people sign in, collect email addys and start an email list.
  • perhaps advertise on craigslist for a while until you put together a good core group.
    *] perhaps schedule a few events a year to take the group to "away games" - to give a bit more purpose to why you play.

As for dbags - make the gatherings invite only and not open to public. If a dbag sneaks through the cracks you can always uninvite them from future gatherings.
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