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Originally Posted by shadow_772 View Post
My cousins friend has a 08' Ninja 650R she is selling, she bought it, but dropped loading it on a trailer. He has ridden it (he rides a CBR600). I could pick it up for 3000. Any thoughts here?
It would be the first bike, but I have ridden dirt bikes and quads and really anything that goes offroad my whole life.
I know its a bike with a lot of power, but I wanted some decent thoughts.
As a bit of background, I am not silly or looking to impress anyone like many young people who go out and buy something without thinking. I know its dangerous.

Thoughts here?


My other (safer...) method would be: There are some decent priced honda shadows around here.
The 650's are a lot better suited for a first bike than the 600's IMO. They are still fun bikes with a more user friendly powerband.
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