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No the breech block looks the same. It's the vacuum inside the FIRING tank, when the gun recoiled it's 11.5 inches and shot the shell out inside the buttoned up tank that pulled the new one out of your hands and sucked it into the breech. The turret floor was sponson boxes with MG ammo except in the center, there was a good low spot that could handle 6 or 7 casings before it got over your cav boots. We had some sweet asbestos mittens! That almost cost me a rank, when I got caught on a training range firing the coax dismounted wearing the mittins(the M240 was a saw with no forearm or stock and if the situation required I would NOT have left it behind in favor of the M3 grease gun.

The electrically fired 105s were in exposed racks(like the ones inside your doors). There's no competition between the 2 systems, there were racks in the hull section AND the rear of the turret of the Pattons, any hit that penetrated was a total death sentence for all inside. Maybe that's why they didn't bother to give us hand to hand combat training.
I have some pics I'll try to scan in tomorrow.

Ooh, here's a good youtube tour of the turret! A little tour of prehistory!

YouTube - The US M60 A3 tank firing on the range, tour of the turret & its equipment

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