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The first shot I ever fired in a game with my Phantom.

It was a big game and due to a reffing error we had been inserted in the wrong place, about half way up the field at the tape line. Members of the opposing team stood on a crest overlooking our position, but due to confusion and the great distance (in paintball terms) separating us, no-one was shooting. After some time of discussion about where to go, and with the other team still observing us, I grew impatient. I pointed the barrel at one of the players on the crest, and raising it upwards almost 45 degrees, fired. I saw the paintball drift lazily through the air and seconds later strike him in the shoulder, miraculously breaking.

There was a moment of quiet as he slowly examined the hit, then afterwards the noise of intense firing and shouting from both sides. The rest of the event didn't go very well for me, I only got a few more eliminations all weekend, but I remember this one very well.
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