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It was late. I was tired.
But - Ask and ye shall receive!!!

Sunday morning. 5am Dark. Yuk. This is one of the reasons I retired from tournaments.
But, I'd been wanting to check out the Paintball Indiana Big Game series for a couple years now and here was my chance! So I sucked it up. Pick up Shawn & Scratch then met the rest of the 502nd crew in southern Indiana for the convoy up. We took a wrecking crew of 9. Rolling in at 8:30am, it confirmed this WAS the old Gator Pit field I had played years prior. I knew it would be a different field as it was all flat and very long. This was good and bad. It did not allow any really good flanking manoeuvrings, but did focus the firefighting north to south all day long.

Registration was smooth and quick. There looked to be 70-80 players for the day, including a few teams from the past such as Instigators & F'N Hostile as well as a couple other newer area teams. Air lines were non-existent and hit full 4500 all day long. Chronos were handy at each entry point & Chris (the owner) did a great job of explaining the event, goals and safety.

Game started at 9:30 sharp & when we took the field 10 minutes later, we had already pushed to control the north half of the field while Blue was pushing to the mid-castle. We jumped in and that quickly shifted the offense into high gear. Within 15 minutes we had crushed blue back to their start & forced them into "hot insertion" mode. They were inserted waaay north and began to push south. We met them at the airball field and began to weed them out. Again, within 20 minutes we had crushed them back & forced another hot insert. Back again: same results: crush. In between sessions, we had paused to rest/air/drink & chew the fat with the ref staff waiting for blue to be massed & reinserted. So by the end of the 3rd run, it was nearing lunch.

Lunch was an hour & a half, but we were pretty tired, so the rest was welcome.

After lunch, some of the organized teams were shifted to Blue to balance the game a bit. This did exactly that. After lunch, fighting was intense and sustained for the whole 3.5 hour period although Blue never did really push us anywhere seriously - Red fought hard all damned day and never gave them much ground until the very end when we were all gassed and out of paint but at that point, they called the game as red had all but abandoned the field.

Raffle went well with several kids winning X7s. Red was proclaimed the winner by over 200 points although the 400 or so points blue earned - they REALLY earned them.

Good times!

So, if you want a good well run and largely fun big game to hit that is fairly close and doesn't conflict with other events - this is definitely a good option!

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