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Manufacturer : Storminnorman

Description : Slot Blocker for the CCM T2

Period of Product Use : Less than 2 months

Paintball Experience : Over 20 years

Marker Setup : CCM T2 ,,, Ninja 45/45,,, AKA Sidewinder Reg,,, Extreme Rage Sport Shot hopper or Winchester 50 round hopper

Rig Setup : BDS Tactical Duty Belt w/Modular Belt Sleeve and H Harness,,, FullClipUSA Double Pod Pouch,,, FullClipUSA ID Pouch,,, Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed SSE Dump Pouch,,, Flyye Industries MBITR Radio Pouch

Recommended Upgrades : None

Strengths : Keeps out all the nasties ( i.e. dirt,,, broken paint,,, sticks,,, twigs,,, sand )

Weaknesses : None So Far

Review: I had been following the Slot Blocker thread for awhile and when I saw it was for sale I ordered a gloss black one... It arrived 3 days later and was very well packaged and even came with a instruction sheet... After installation I took some pics and posted them in the for sale thread then headed out back of the house for a test fire... I must have followed the directions properly because she still pumped as smooth as a CCM should and no binding in the pump rods of the T2...

I got to really field test it at Panzer Attack at Bailey's Battlefield in Niangua, MO... The field is really well laid out with plenty of hills to climb,,, groves of cedar and lots of dirt and rock...

I must say that no matter where I went on the field or how much paint over spray I or my CCM T2 got covered in not once did I have any issues with the marker because of the Slot Blocker keeping all the nasties out... I did not do a full clean up of the marker while there only the basic wipe down of the outside before I went to bed every night or before packing up to head home... I fully cleaned the marker when I got home and there was no dirt,,, grim or paint build up in or around the hammer area or hammer...

Conclusion : In conclusion I would highly recommend to anybody that owns a CCM T2 and plays hard with there gear out in the woods ,,, hyperball or speedball field... It does what it's name implies and that's block nasties from getting in the slot and gunking your hammer up...

Rating : 9.9 out of 10.

Photos :

Before Panzer

During Panzer and putting the Slot Block to field use

Thank You again Storminnorman for a Outstanding Product !!!


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