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Acquire a cheap bike, raise the rear end so the wheel doesn't touch (allowed to free-spin), secure the front, instant "bike machine" without spending $500.

Or just get a pair of shoes and start walking. Break in the muscles and body to accept the workout procedure and schedule. After about 2 weeks you can start with a light jog, then another 2 and hit up a regular jog. If it's a bit tiresome you can do 1 minute walk 1 minute jog, back and forth. Eventually you'll build up muscle endurance.

As far as goals, don't set up a goalpost all the way across the field. Go 10 yards at a time. Once you reach that, move the posts further out. Start with losing 5 pounds. Then move that to losing 10 pounds. Then move that to making a mile jog/run under a certain amount of time (example, 8 minutes). Then move that to prolonged jogging up to a certain amount of time (example, 1 hour). Make incremental goals. People tend to have champagne dreams with a beer budget so to speak. They want to be the next [insert celebrity with a great bod here], but those celebs didn't just happen to be that way it's from years or decades of work. So people set massive goals, 2 weeks in they aren't anywhere close to their results, and they give up thinking it's futile. Make your goals easily achievable with even just modest work, and then build on that foundation.

For starters, easy goal... diet. Cut out soda and fast food. Everybody says that for a reason. They're evil. Once every other week though give in if you want or you'll possibly crazy and start binging. Weight issues for people really isn't so much of an exercise problem, it's a dietary one. Exercising makes you healthier, stronger, more fit. Push ups simply make you better at doing push ups. But 2 hours jogging is the same as not eating a Snickers. Or not pounding a Liter of Cola. All of that work burning those calories can be decimated by 30 seconds with a candy bar.

And with the diet, don't starve yourself. People go from binging on food to starvation thinking it'll help. It won't. Your body will go into survival mode and actually start cannibalizing itself, eating away at your muscle tissues and so forth. Not just the fat cells. Ballpark range for the average man burning calories is around 2000 a day. That's not taking into account exercising or anything. Simply existing you burn 2000 calories a day. If you eat 1800 calories a day, that means you burn 200 a day. 1400 a week. 6200 a month. A single pound of body fat equates to approximately 3500 calories. So almost 2 pounds.

That's merely changing diet slightly, almost no effort really required. It's very easy to have an 1800 cal/day diet and not cut out good foods or become a rabbit eating just greeneries. Add in a moderate amount of exercise, just an hours worth even. A half hour jog and a half hour weight lifting. You'll get another 200 calories easy. So that's about 4 pounds a month with minimal effort and staying in a very healthy lifestyle. Up to you to determine if you can bring it down to 1700 cal/day and up to 350 cal/day workout, or what have you.

But if you start with the 10 yard line, 5 pounds in a single month, you can make that goal. From there determine how much further and harder you want to take it.
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