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Massive Retirement Gearbag Sale!!

Well everyone I have finally taken the time to start to clean out my paintball collection since I have not played in 2 years now. My wife has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and the cost of the medical expenses that we now have to deal with on a monthly basis is overwhelming and it has finally come to the point that I need to sell some of my paintball gear and guns, after 18 years of playing and collection items I am sad to have to part with them. I have only taken a very small portion of items to put up, but if you ask for something chances are I will have it.

Dye Matrix/Proto Matrix parts I have 5 LARGE PARTS KITS and can sell from them

Intimidator parts I have everything for Gen 1 up thru Gen 5 parts just ask and I will let you know if I have it and what I will let it go for.

Ego parts I have 3 large parts kits and so many random parts like grips (flat panel and Hybrid), aftermarket bolts, different color frames, CCU kits, etc.

Anyways here are some items that I have pictures of for you to look at. All prices are OBO, and buyer will pay for shipping unless otherwise negotiated.

1. I will not ship first, it is highly doubtful that I will take trades but if I do I will not ship first.
2. Payment must be verified before I ship any items, so if you send me money orders, cashier's checks, paypal, etc. I will make sure that the money is in my account before I ship.
3. Any payments made by paypal must include any fee's charged unless otherwise stated
4. All items will be shipped thru USPS Priority unless otherwise negotiated between seller and buyer and will have deliver confirmation.
5. Post first the PM.
6. I treat everyone with respect and I expect the same from everyone, if you have something negative to say handle it thru PM's.
7. Thank you and have fun!

More to be added at a later date!

1. Bob long Protege ***SOLD***

2. Bob Long Miami Rage D2 Intimidator $425 BNIB
This is a black with red accents marker that is all stock from Blast. Again it has never had air or paint thru it and comes as it did from Blast with the stock barrel and box.

3. Smart Parts Nasty NXT Shocker BNIB **SOLD**

4. Angel One BNIB SOLD

---Masks & Mask accessories
5. Proto Switch FS Mask Blu/Blk BNIB $40

6. Proto Switch FS Mask Blu/Blk Used $20

7. Empire E-vents Mask Blk/Blu BNIB $55

8. Proto Switch Turbine Fan BNIB ***SOLD***

9. Vforce Grillz Smoke Lense BNIB $20

---Hoppers & accessories
10. (2) Virtue Crown for Vlocity Ultrasoft $20 each

11. (2) Virtue Crown for Halo Ultrasoft $20 each

12. (4) Vlocity lid springs $2.99 each

13. (2) Vlocity Raceway Cups $7.99 each

14. Angry Halo board BNIB $50

15. Halo Lid with Spring $4

16. Vlocity replacement board BNIB $45

17. Empire Magna Clutch upgrade Kit for Halo BNIB $50

18. (2) Empire Freeway Anti-jams for Halo BNIB $9 each

19. Halo speedfeed White BNIB $10
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20. (5) Halo Replacement screw kits BNIB $8 each

21. FEP Plastic drive cone for halo BNIB $5

22. Replacement drive cone for halo BNIB, one with speed wheel $10 for plain, $20 for speed wheel

23. (2) Halo stock beads and spring BNIB $5 each

24. (4) Shocktech springs for Halo BNIB $3 each

25. BNIB halo motor $15

26. Halo drive housing case & raceway BNIB $20

27. Replacement shells for Halo B $20 new, $10 used
Colors: Red Diamond BNIB, White BNIB, clear/white USED, Silver BNIB, Red Diamond Used

28. Hybrid Suicide shells for Halo B $30 each
Colors: White BNIB (3), Black BNIB (3), Silver BNIB

29. Vlocity Big Mouth Shells $22 each
Colors: Blue, Camo

30. Vlocity Speedfeed $20

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