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This is a question I've wanted to ask for a few months but haven't been able to figure out how to word it. I was just reading fundamentally flawed business model of the paintball world and this post struck me.

Frankly I see no national attention on paintball at all, unless you count the occasional sitcom that shows paintball as a goggle-less game played with hopper-less paintball guns. If you want to find out about paintball you have to look it up on the internet or wander through the sporting goods section of Dick's/Wal-Mart/K-Mart. So that brings me to the question, “What image do new players have of the sport of Paintball?”

The poster above clearly felt that speedball is the type of play that attracts new players. I've always felt and been told by other players and field owners that everyone starts out thinking of the cops and robbers games they played as kids and then branch off into different aspects of paintball once they have some experience under their belts. I started out looking for a mil-sim experience. An AT-85 was my dream gun and I felt bad for the people who had to play with pumps. I'm still interested in scenario games, but now I play mostly modified stock class. Over time I went from a very serious interest in the military aspect of the sport to a devotion to the “old school” game. I always assumed speedball players had a similar progression, starting out with rentals on a woods field and then deciding they preferred a faster paced game.

Now rather than assuming, I'm going to ask.

1) “What type of game did you want to play when you first got into paintball?”
2) “What made you progress to your current preferred style of play?”
i thought you played it in the woods, played by grown ups, and that the balls shoot straighter and further than they really do.

1. woodsball with solid bunkers. i didn't know any other kind.
2. it's the same. i prefer solid bunkers. i started after graduating high school. i thought what the **** kind of 18 year old prefers to have an adrenaline rush around blow up castles? it's easier for the field to change layout, but looked ridiculous. i was surprised the type of kids who i later found out are called "agglets" act so serious about the game yet feel the air shapes are more hardcore than bumping into dirt woods and bricks. i thought they were tards.

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