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Oh No no no, be my Conspiracy!

(heh, name who sang that song!)

Ok, down to business... Lately through my Pseudophedrine modulated senses; I have noticed a possible Grand Conspiracy:

Remember years ago, when Smart Parts released the SFT Shocker? A fair to middling gun that they immediately got pro teams to use, the big one of the day was Dynasty, and then they began the boondoggle with the law suits and forcing companies out of business, but fewer people cared becase since all the Pros were shooting Shockers and you could get those cheaper because they were the flag ship gun from SP?

Well, fast forward to this foul year of our Lord, 2011. And, now KEE has acquired the intellectual property of Smart Parts, released this fair to middling gun and got a million Pro teams to endorse it so all the AGGlets think it is the hottest thing since that time I burned my hand.... Do you think the law suits are far off?

Do you think KEE is going to make a dastardly, bastardly SP like move and try to get everyone to pay THEM so they can make a Electronic Gun? Is THAT why Bob Long is making a pump? And, will they, the other companies pay KEE since the main stream of the sport is so mired in electronics?

(queue up the X-Files theme music.)

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