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Bought a Duckslide from Super.

first off, shipping was slow, like WTF slow. communication was great prior to the sale, then he dissapeared afterwards. finally, after a bit over a month, it arrived. while I accept that his computer went down...there's net access at the library, I'm sure a friend or two had net access he could use just to leave us a quick msg or something. there were ways to handle this better.

that being said, the duckslide is beautiful, either Super hardly touched it, or he's a man who respects a quality gun. the gun was packed well, with the stock wrapped in a bubble envelope so it wouldn't scratch the rest of the gun. once he actually got it out, I think it arrived even earlier then he said it would. almost tripped over it as I left my backdoor this morning. and since I didn't come in by the backdoor last night, I suspect it was already sitting there waiting for me.

personally, I suspect that he bit off more then he could chew on the number of guns and stuff he sold all at once. that and his computer going down resulted in much longer then usual delays. I figure in the future he'd be better off selling 1 or 2 guns at a time, and likely get them out right away.

would I deal with Super again? hmm...I think that, while there'd be some hesitation, If the item and price were right, yeah I'd likely deal with him again. though I'd like some strong assurance it'll be delivered in a more timely fashion next time. one can't fault the quality of the gun though, as good, maybe even better then it looked in the pics. put a few rounds through it (till the neighbors complained) and shoots like a dream.

all in all, good price, great gun, bad communication and slow shipping (could be fluke) i'll put this about 70/30 on the positive side
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