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They've had those for a while. G'z one series for verizon has been around a few years. Motorola has had rugged phones for contractors for a long while.

I think it would be cooler to browse MCB in the middle of a big game with a Toughbook
Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 - Fully Rugged, Wireless Notebook PC
motorola barrage is the latest one. we get a lot of construction workers and other blue collar guys asking about them.

specs on the commando: Verizon Wireless G'zOne Commando specs - Phone Arena

has an 800mhz cpu (i dont know WHY phone arena doesnt list cpu speeds...) so youre looking at something running roughly at the same speed as an evo shift.
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you win at everything forever.
(11:26:32 PM) Mayvik: PS where the **** have you been?
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I love how we are more concerned with the fate of this paintball gun than we are about AIDS kids in Africa.............
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