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03 Viking with Robtown


Gun is 7.5/10 in condition. I’ve been playing weekly for years and the gun shows it, even through the type 3 anno. Mostly hairline scratches around the edges and eye covers. Recently got back from Jared at DC. I spent over $100 in tuning, screws and O-rings replacement. This thing is BUTTER smooth. Much smoother and quieter than any EGO I’ve shot and I’ve shot every single year of them including 2011 and all SLs. Less than 400 rounds through it since I got it back from Destructive Customs. No known problems, it’s just my eighth favorite gun so it doesn’t get shot much.


03 Rob Town Valve (best valve ever! So smooth and quiet, No longer made, impossible to find)

Diet milled frame

CCM no rise feedneck

Upgraded bolt, all I know is it’s much lighter than stock

Aluminum bolt pin

Braided hose with shrinkwrap (no craproline)


WAS Equalizer board

JMJ trigger (perfectly tuned)


Original tornado valve

Original board (nelson, working)

Original bolt pin

Lpr tester w/ mini gauge

Three prong valve tool

9V clips (2X, Working)

Trigger switch clip

Twist clamping feedneck

12 inch Javelin barrel (9/10 condition, almost never used)

no out of country shipping

Geo 2
anything quite offer
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