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How to make a professional portfolio

Recently I came in contact with a the president of a Movie Production Company. He said he would like to look at my portfolio (he already has my resume) and he might have a job/internship for me. The problem is that the ME department here at Tech doesn't really give much info on how to make or maintain a professional portfolio. So I'm coming to y'all for help.

Right now I have a folder separated into the various projects I have done. These project folders contain photos and a word document explaining the project, materials used, construction and how the project functions.

An advisor suggested I have a PowerPoint of my "best" overall work also.

Does anyone have any other tips or guides on how to make my portfolio "pop" and look interesting?

(I've been studying for the last 10 hours for a final so poor grammar, misspellings, and general dysfunction in my posting should be excused. Wish my Machine Design Final wasn't so extensive....)
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