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Originally Posted by noctem89 View Post
ive been checking around for another lpr screw, most places don't seem to stock them. Any idea where to pick one up?
I have used this place before and they're pretty good.
Set screws are 2.50 through them.

Originally Posted by lancecst View Post
So how will you know if you have your lpr set correctly if you are using the same set screw. There is a very clear way to tell when using the stock lpr cap, put the set scre flush with the end, or possible a turn or so in. The new lpr cap/pump guide is considerable longer making using the regular 1/4 set screw very hard to adjust to the correct spot.

A few possible solutions could be either including a long set screw that will replace the extra distance so you can set it flush with the end of the pump guide. Or possible making the guide in 2 pieces, 1 the same length as the stock lpr cap and the second screws into that to add the needed length.
We'll look into it, stanchy didn't have a problem setting it up with the prototype, not sure what he did though.

That's why I'm recommending that you pick up another set screw, you can set the EgoP screw up once and not have to worry after that point.

Using a micrometer/allen wrench to gauge the distance from the open end of the LPR cap to the set screw, you can then screw the EgoP set screw in that deep then screw the EgoP screw in that deep.
It might take a little while to get it set correct, but you shouldn't have to reset it after that point.
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