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Series 6.5 UNofficial Manual is done... but I need help!

I would love some help with the up and coming UNofficial Series 6.5 Manual. I need two Technical people to double check and add to my tech stuff.

I would like these people to have some good experience with the S6.5 and understand it's workings. I will send them the Word file and have them make any edits.

Also, I would love to get help from two people willing to check my spelling, grammar, and general sentence flow and structure. In other words, you don't need any S6.5 experience - but have experience with writing and editing.

From all volunteers I would like you to commit to to a week turn around. I want to get this manual out!

I will add credits from the help I recieve in the manual, if you want it.

Also - if you are reading this Xluben - I took a few of your pictures (for the cover and the schematic. I want to credit you - would you like me to simply put your website as the photo credit?

Let me know - I will make you FAMOUS!!!

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