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-98c starter pack. Bought a J&J barrel and JCS Stock.
Played with this for about two years, then enlisted in the Marine Corps. Stationed in Okinawa, I always planned to bring my 98 over, never did. While deployed to Korea, the Palmer's bug bit again and bought the gun I always wanted:
-Blazer 2k.Black, dual stabs, RF, RVA mounted JCS stock. Didn't like where the stock was, so moved it to the bottom of the grip. Broke the bellcrank, so I installed the pump kit I had. From then on, pretty much played with it as a pump only.
-Bought a bunch of Sheridans for games in the woods near my house.
-Pyre. Just ordered from PPS.Black, T-stock, female stab, RF.
-T2. In the process of ordering from CCM. RF, black and white, ordered T-stock and female stab for it.
-Many more to come...
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