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Too much guns to remember in order :P

Viewloader genesis surge II(used, worst first purchase of my life)
Tippmann c98 (dye ul, rt and halo b)
Add lots of other tippmanns except a5 and tons of project related(oh yeah I had a 1700$ c98 kit once that wasn't working right and e-board failed really fast)
Sergison pgp
b2k pds(second worst purchase of my life when I wanted to try speedball, ended up not doing speed)


oh some pistols in there core zx

E-mag, mags, project insert here


Palmer cherry pyre

dukie drv wich solded before really playing with(first run is not my type of gun )

Oh and now I got my first e-autococker

Not in order guns lol

Best gun so far:
First c98 with rt
it-body mag when it wanna work perfect
e-bolted c98
Pmi-II on warm day w/co2 (Dunno about tiny balls now, last played when field was still in .688-689, now they are .684)

Le Renard Youtube Channel
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